穀雨之約–活耕建養地協會 六週年會慶暨週年會員大會

穀雨之約–活耕建養地協會 六週年會慶暨週年會員大會

Sixth Anniversary Party and Annual General Meeting of the Partnership for Eco-Agriculture and the Conservation of Earth (PEACE)

# 鼠老大, <南涌之春>, 2019. She Lo Dai, Spring of Nam Chung, 2019. Courtesy: the artist


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當天也是協會的週年會員大會及改選執委的日子。 去年的工作報告許下展開平等參與、開放合作,邁向建立多元、團結、互助的生態社群的願景。我們希望藉此機會,提出可能的組織架構轉型方案,期望大家可以一起來討論,成就更多的社群協作項目在南涌這共同平台上出現。

Typhoon Mangkhut which swept across South China last September has caused tremendous damage to Hong Kong. Who are we, other than passengers of time? We as human beings share an intrinsic responsibility to ecological protection, and long-term sustainability and diversity of life on Earth. It has become imminent to develop local sound strategies and put them into practice as possible glocal solutions for sustainability of all dimensions, be it ecological, cultural, economical, or social.

In the beginning of this year we had decided to rebuild our blown over kitchen on the original spot using natural building techniques. We partnered with a young and enthusiastic architect Ah Lok, and with keen assistance on the part of our dear members and friends, we managed to complete it within a short period of time.

On this important day, Sunday 7th April 2019, PEACE is going to host its sixth annual celebration party for Grain Rain (last spring solar term which signals increase in temperature and rainfall according to the Chinese lunar calendar), as well as an opening ceremony for its newly built kitchen. The time has come at long last to implement sustainable living and natural building in communities. Hopefully the movement will create rippling effects to the Hong Kong society as a whole. For that to happen, we really look forward to your presence with hope and great happiness in this joyous event!

We addressed some areas of concern in last year’s report that require your attention – we would like to make the best use of this opportunity to discuss possible organizational change within PEACE; in the hope that we would become an eco-community oriented around principles of sustainability, cooperation, and solidarity.

We would be honored if you can attend our sixth anniversary party & AGM on Sunday, 7th April at Nam Chung.
[You’re also welcome to join us for camping as well on Saturday evening, 6th April!]


日期:2019年4月6 & 7*日(週末)
地點:活耕建養地協會 – 南涌 活動平台


活動程序/Activities rundown

4月6日/6th April
14.30 抵達、安頓 | Arrival at the farm
15.00 南涌村民教導我們做客家粄(茶果)| Let’s make Hakka rice dumplings together with Nam Chung villagers!
餘下時間  傍晚共同做飯、篝火晚會、夜探南涌,或自由活動、早早睡覺
For the rest of time we’ll cook dinner together, explore Nam Chung at night, and just relax around the campfire. Sleep early for the night.

4月7日/7th April :
上午部分 Morning session
10.00 – 10.15:抵達、安頓/Arrival at the farm
10.15 – 10.30: 歡迎、互相認識/Opening & welcome
10.30 – 10.50:活耕建養地協會 六週年回顧/Six years in review
10.50 – 12.15:生態廚房理念、開幕及祝福儀式/PEACE’s first eco-kitchen – ceremony of blessing and inauguration
[We’ll be drawing and decorating the walls with natural color paints.]
12.30 – 13.45:午飯【小耕田作 主理】/A vegetarian light lunch will be provided.

下午部分 Afternoon session
會員大會(歡迎非會員列席)/Annual General Meeting (Non-members welcome)
14.00 – 14.45:2018-19年度工作報告、財政報告/Year-end overview & Financial report for the year 2018-19
14.45 – 16.00:生態社區轉型下的協會結構轉變商議/Discussion on PEACE’s structural change in the process of Eco-Community transformation
16.00 – 16.45:2019-2021年度執委會選舉/Election of the 2019-2021 Executive Committee

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  同場還有小市集、農場導覽、鼠老大 油畫義賣
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ We’ll arrange a guided tour for new comers. Welcome to our mini farmers’ market! And She Lo Dai’s Nam Chung paintings are for charity sale!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 費用全免,歡迎捐獻 / Free of charge, Donations welcome


請2019年4月2日前發信息到(852)95401429向Zoey報名 ,好讓我們提前做好預備。

Please RSVP to Zoey at Whatsapp (852)95401429 before 2 April 2019. Please let us know the number of guests, and which session(s) you’re joining (AM/PM/Whole day). Please also advise if you’ll have lunch with us. If you’ll come for camping on April 6th, please also let us know.

溫馨提示/Friendly remarks

歡迎各位帶來做好的小菜、糕點、小吃等,到來加熱,與眾同樂分享/You’re encouraged to bring your dishes pre cooked and share together!

午餐為蛋奶素菜,如有其他飲食需要,請同我們聯繫;如需葷食,請自備/Lunch will be ovo-lacto vegetarian. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.

參加4月6日露營的朋友,鼓勵以當季、本地、少/無包裝、素食等原則帶食材來分享;如需借用帳篷等,請提前告知,謝謝!/If you’re going to join us for camping on the 6th, please bring some food to share as well. Choose seasonal, local, vegetarian ingredients with little or no packaging if possible. Thank you.

活耕建養地協會執委會 敬約